Conversational SMS marketing that gets a response.

Take advantage of text’s 98% open rate with SMS marketing campaigns that get a real response, and measurable results. Plus, building a prior consent opt-in list has never been easier.
Let your list build itself

With opt-in opportunities built into Ads Wave interactions like Reviews, Payments, and more, your database will naturally grow as you go about business as usual.

Market like a human

Send marketing messages that feel conversational and live in the same thread you’re already using to build a relationship with individual customers.

Get immediate insights

Attribution is critical to marketing successfully, so Ads Wave makes it easy to measure, view, and maximize results.


With Wave-Chat, you can create SMS or text-to-vote polls as another way to keep your subscribers engaged and interested in what you have to offer. What better way to engage a large audience than by sending a question out to your subscribers allowing them to vote on their favorite menu item, or favorite song for example. This is a great way for you to keep your subscribers engaged as well as collecting valuable information from your customers.
One of the biggest hurdles in mobile marketing is the ability to retain members or subscribers. If you can keep your audience interested, then mobile marketing can truly benefit your business. One way to retain your audience is by keeping them engaged with SMS polls. These types of polls don’t have to be very long, and they can be beneficial for you as well.

SMS Survey can bring in valuable information

Customize your poll to be asking questions that can help you refine your marketing methods, product, and target market. The answers you receive from these polls can help you make an informed decision on your next marketing changes or campaign initiatives.
For example, you may find out that many people would use your additional products, but they are uninformed of the other products you have to offer. Therefore, you can focus more marketing energy toward your other less-highlighted products to sell to your audience. Perhaps, your poll can reveal how you can better reach new customers by identifying trends in your current customers.
Lastly, you can use text to vote polls to bring awareness to any special offer, event or product that you want to expose to your subscribers. A quick textual advertisement at the end of the poll can help you bring exposure to that event or offer.

Mobile coupon and gift card

Beautiful coupons are a great way to build a loyal customer base

Coupons keep your customers happy while growing your list at the same time. Each coupon is completely customizable and includes many settings and features allowing you flexibility with how you want to set them up.

Appointments Reminders

Auto Responders

Web Opt-in Widgets

Unlimited Keys


Want your message heard? Send a message

The 98% open rate of a text message speaks for itself. In Ads Wave, the text thread is two-way, so the conversation can continue beyond the promo—improving engagement and winning you more business and loyalty.

Get prior consent opt-ins while the iron’s hot

Navigating regulation to build your list can be intimidating. With Ads Wave, the list will build itself. Ads Wave helps you to add simple opt-in opportunities everywhere your customers interact with you, including within Ads Wave products like Webchat, Reviews, Payments, and Feedback.



Forgot those archaic and regularly lost paper Punch cards. You can now offer SMS punch card steadfastness compensations to your clients and fabricate steadfastness to your image to keep clients. Blissful and returning. Computerized punch cards eliminate any pointless obstacles and drastically increment client commitment. Paper punch cards to monitor, which continuously appear to get lost or lost. A straightforward text with the program punch code for that day and focuses are naturally followed for a given client. Whenever a predetermined measure of focus is gotten a prize message will be shipped off that client, who can then reclaim their reward Different unwavering ness reward projects can be made, each having their own beginning and end updates, reward focuses, and messages. Works incredible numerous different industries.

Effortless management. Immediate results.

Understanding how your SMS marketing campaigns are working is critical. You’ll be able to view digestible results from the Ads Wave Dashboard, so you become a smarter marketer with every campaign.

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