360 Virtual Tour

360 Virtual Tour Builder permit you to make amazing virtual visits for your clients without cutting edge programming information. Utilizing the underlying manufacturer you can undoubtedly transfer your all encompassing pictures, add areas of interest that allow to the client to explore starting with one scene then onto the next, add popover windows to feature significant data about any piece of the scene with marker. You can add an area of interest or popover window with pictures, writings, video and other online media. This 360 virtual visit is responsive and chips away at all cutting edge programs and cell phones. Utilize this to make intelligent visits, guides and introductions for your clients.

Features of 360 Virtual Tour

  1. 5 Scene Types

Cube, sphere, flat, little planet and google street view

  1. Markers

Permit you to mark various areas that you want to highlighted

  1. Virtual Tour

Travel from one to another scene by clicking on markers

  1. Thumbnails

You can show quick image of your scene

  1. Fullscreen

You can turn from the normal view to fullscreen and back

  1. Autoplay

The scene can be auto rotate around different axis

  1. Tooltip System

360 Virtual tour has a build-in powerful tooltip system

  1. Popover System

Can show bundle of information inside the lightbox

  1. Marker Style Creator

Make your own marker view on your property

  1. Audio Background

You can set background music for a scene etc

  1. Embed

Show your virtual tour on different websites with the iframe

  1. Awesome Looks

It has two predefined design, dark and light

360 virtual tour Add-on
Month - 10 properties
$10/Month - 25 properties
$25/Month team plan - 100 properties
Virtual tour
Popover system
Audio Background
Tooltip system
Marker Style Creator
Fullscreen/ Animated Tooltips
You can make magnificent virtual visits for your customers without removing edge programming data. Using the hidden producer you can without a very remarkable stretch exchange your widely inclusive photos, add areas of interest that license the customer to investigate beginning with one scene then onto the following, add popover windows to raise huge information about any piece of the scene. You can improve a area of interest or popover window with text, pictures, video and other online media. The view of module is responsive and works on completely progressed projects and PDAs. Use this module to make natural visits, aides and presentations.

Visual Editor

Save & Loaf Config

Diffrent Marker Types

Animated Tooltips

5 Scene Types

Responsive Capicity


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